Zookeeper Reunited With Elephant He Cared For 35 Years Ago.

Zookeeper Reunited With Elephant He Cared For 35 Years Ago. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Are you lucky enough to have a special connection with an animal in your life? Perhaps you have a blanket-hogging puppy or peanut butter-loving pig at home that you couldn’t live without? Well, if so, then you understand how truly unique a bond with an animal can be. When this zookeeper lost touch with his favorite elephant over 35 years ago, he never thought he would find her again. But thanks to the internet, he was able to find out how good an elephant’s memory really is!Sadly, Kirsty, who is believed to have been born in 1967, was relocated to the Chester Zoo in 1987. Even though she missed Peter dearly, she was able to meet her lifelong female companion, Judy, for the very first time!

Then, they were transferred to the Neunkirchen Zoo in Germany. Unfortunately, Peter lost track of Kirsty soon after she left Glasglow. That was, until recently, when he finally located her through a search on the Internet.

Peter wasn’t so sure, saying: “Of course, I was wondering if there was any truth to the phrase ‘elephants never forget.'”

Finally, after 30 years, they would be reunited once again! It shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that Peter was more than happy to see Kirsty’s reaction!

Overcome with emotion, Peter said: “That she allowed me to get close and accepted me was a very emotional experience for me. I will always keep that memory in my heart.” Peter says that now that he knows where 52-year-old Kirsty is, he’s planning on visiting her as often as he can!

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